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Latest News, Tips and Tricks to Big Savings

How Your POS Can Increase Service and Profits

With businesses re-opening after lockdown and trying to make the most of the business coming into their shops and venues, it is important to have the right POS for your needs. Gone are the days where an old-style cash register could suffice, customers now expect…

Evaluating Business Class VoIP Phone Systems For Car Dealers

Ready to evaluate both sides of a purchasing a modern VoIP system for your car dealership? Has anyone ever asked you what’s the perfect car? Not your dream car, but for them, as the customer? Maybe yes, maybe no, but regardless, it’s a pretty safe…

Educational Institutions – Find The Right Phone System

With evolving demands and the ever-changing scenario of global education, educational institutions are switching to more innovative forms of technology to provide high-quality education to its students. Powered by Internet-based communications, the Voice-over-Internet-Protocol or VoIP phone system is providing efficient and cost-effective cloud-based business communications for the…

How Cafe POS Can Increase Service and Profits

Small cafes and coffee shop franchises are very popular within Australia, the industry revenue was estimated to approximately 5 billion Australian dollars by 2019/20, up from about 4.35 billion Australian dollars in 2014/15 (Statista). Many owners choose to use a cafe/coffee shop specific POS system…

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